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Perspective and additional insight

A second opinion is always useful for managing your business, even if everything is under control. Like when you ask for a second opinion in the medical field when you have some doubts about the diagnosis of a doctor, it is also wise to double check decisions or advices for your company with a third expert.

A different perspective can provide a new insight, shed another light on the case or make you realize that certain elements have been overlooked. It can also help to make the choice between different proposed solutions.

For decisions or events that have a significant impact on your company, it is therefore advisable to be assisted by an independent expert.

The advice you get as an entrepreneur is not always very clear, practical or achievable. Sometimes you get an overview of your problem in general terms, but there is no clear or helpful answer. 

My approach is no-nonsense and pragmatic and I give you my honest opinion about the problem. In certain cases I will confirm your view, which will allow you to remove possible doubts and trigger a new momentum.

I give you my personal opinion as an independent and neutral party. I can rely on my extensive experience in the business and coaching world, and fall back on my network. In this way you get a concrete opinion from me, not limited to fuzzy academic considerations.

The method is very simple: during the intake interview we will go deeper into the type of advice you request. Depending on your problem, we can decide which formula is the most suitable for you. 

Your expectations play a major role in this decision-making proces and are a key consideration: I receive questions that only gauge my personal opinion. Other questions are part of a larger problem, are critical to your company or invite me to actively think with you. In any case, we determine together how I can optimaly help you. 

"He is very quick in thorough analysis of the business and can come up with a clear vision to bring the company to the next level."

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