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I personally support you and help you to see clear

For years I was responsible for straightening difficult situations and finding solutions in very different companies. Anyone who runs a business knows that this is not easy.

I have experienced it myself. Even if you have a team around you, in the end everybody looks at you for the solutions. You do not always have a ready-made answer immediately. Within your own environment you do not always find the necessary support, knowledge or assistance in making difficult decisions or solving complex issues that concern you and your company.

Sometimes you get overwhelmed by the many priorities or you block, being aware of the consequences of your decisions. You sometimes feel that you lose the overview and you tend to concentrate on details, loosing oversight and the bigger picture, which threatens your business to come to a standstill.

With all these events your self-confidence can fall away, or you doubt about the goals that you have put forward, your values ??and motivations. In certain cases you burn up by losing a necessary healthy balance.

Delaying behavior however is not an option. It is important to face the problems and to focus on its solution. Getting help or advice at certain moments in the development of your business is therefore critical. A sounding board and coaching is very useful in this. I can play a role as an independent counselor. I help you to get ready for the many challenges you face. In addition to my coaching and support role, you can also count on my extensive experience with change processes, how to deal with your employees, understanding and resolving conflicts, making difficult decisions, etc.

Many customers are surprised at how quickly a radical change occurs through different perspectives and insights, creating a renewed dynamic. Clients often note that they have waited too long to ask for help.

This option works well if you need a coach who can personally assist and support you. A trusted person to whom you can talk about your worries, with whom you can exchange openly about the matters that concern you, someone who can hold up a mirror or who can help you to overcome temporary problems.

I am available for coaching on an hourly basis and on a half-day basis.

"A perfect coach in stormy weather, agile to manage thunderstorms"

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