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I come to help you in your business

My advice or assistance can bring you and your company an unlocking solution, it provides a new insight or a new start with a minimum of costs but with a significant impact.

Slumbering problems, urgent decisions or necessary changes are directly dealt instead of postponing them.
You can focus on the solution and no longer on the problem. This makes a huge difference for yourself and your company.

No surprises: you know the cost of my guidance in advance. This small investment is limited in time and opens the door to new insights and potentially large returns for yourself and your company.

No surprises: you know in advance the cost of the assistance. This small investment is limited in time and opens the door to new insights and potentially high returns for you and your business.

As soon as you have my help or advice, you are no longer on your own. You will benefit from my years of experience, knowledge and network in complete confidence and discretion.

The pressure on yourself and your employees will immediately decrease, resulting in breathing space again.
Thanks to my experience and training I work efficiently and I have learned to quickly get an insight into problems.

Thus, no precious time is lost between the recording of the assignment and the achievement of the first tangible results.

As an independent and unbiased expert, I look at your case differently. This allows a fresh perspective and makes problems easier to discuss and adress. Only the solution counts, no judgment is made.

In certain cases, it may be advisable to get the support from 2ndOpinion. I can fulfill temporary missions within the framework of various problems. 

Some examples are assistance in managing business conflicts, reorienting the company, providing insight into or tackling strategic dilemmas, adapting the company to a new economic reality, the implementation of strategies.

No exclusively operational assignments are accepted.

"Bruin was faced with several significant challenges. He “took them on” with brio, and found constructive solutions all the while maintaining the company’s morale. He strived to implement an open line of communication. His leadership style is confident, open and creative."

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