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Bruin Bourgois

Independent, Professional, Neutral

2ndOpinion provides independent, trustworthy and professional opinions and assistance for business leaders.

Facing uncertainties, having to resolve major issues or taking high stake decisions, it is often difficult to have your ideas or solutions challenged or to be assisted in your way to go forward.

2ndOpinion is available as your buddy and sense making advisor by creating a reflective space to unlock action. As founder of 2ndOpinion, I am an experienced personal coach and former CEO, specialized in unwrapping complexity and re-energizing.

My favorite domains are personal coaching of entrepreneurs/business leaders, turnaround, change, organizational & process redefinition, crisis management and value alignment.

Let me know what your problem is, I might be able to help you solve it.
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Reflecteren over je leiderschap

Meet my new book! Currently only availble in Dutch. 30 years' of experience in managing thousands of people, condensed in one book. How to lead. Read more here!
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Bruin Bourgois

2ndOpinion - peer to peer advice (Brussels, Belgium)

On my LinkedIn profile I regulary share content which may be of interest to you. Follow the link hereunder to learn more about my profile and the activities that I am currently developing.

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